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Your landscape is your own, personal slice of the natural world. It better connects your home to the great outdoors and gives it a sense of life and energy. So, it is something that we can all take great pleasure in and something, that naturally deserves the very best. If you plan to get the most from your landscape, you need to be applying great care and thought to it. And, for that, you are going to want the specialist services of your leading local professional landscapers. Luckily for you, you don’t need to search any longer because you have already found that in us, at Los Angeles Landscaping Pros.


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One of the finest teams of landscaping contractors Los Angeles has ever known, you can count on us to take your landscape plans and ideas and realize them. No other team is better qualified, and few others can boast the extensive experience that we have. You can always depend on us because we care just that little bit more. We always strive to achieve the most for our clients, in any process that we can. So, if you are looking for a Los Angeles landscape company you can trust to deliver on your needs, you can rest assured that we are the ones for you.

Our Services

Offering the most comprehensive array of services anywhere in town, we are capable of producing anything that you can imagine for your outdoor space. Ranging from general lawn and yard maintenance services to elite custom landscape design and installation, we really can do it all. For us, achieving your satisfaction is our only goal and so, we will work hard to deliver you whatever landscape services we can. Just be sure to share your preferences with us, so that we can take them and identify and source the perfect things.

Landscapes Design

Your landscape design is the first step in creating the ultimate new outside fixture. It needs to be developed with precision and thought, including all the features that you love the most. Luckily, at Los Angeles Landscaping Pros, one of our talented landscape designers will help you to create any design that you want without any fuss. Be it a residential landscape or commercial landscapes, we can promise you whatever project you want to achieve. So, be sure to take note of all your landscape ideas and plans and trust us to do the rest.


The care that you treat your outdoor space with is what will ensure the best for it, over time. Landscape maintenance is important and so, you need to be seeking out the highest standards available. Luckily for you, as your leading landscaper, yard maintenance company, and lawn mowing company, you can trust us for all that you need. We are at your full disposal for any yard care solutions that you need. Just give us a call and let us know what those are so that we can best tailor you a solution.


Our landscape installation services are a cut above the rest. At Los Angeles Landscaping Pros, our landscape contractors work hard to build and create gorgeous installations for our clients, with all the features of their choosing. Whether you are looking for exotic trees, vibrant flowers, verdant shrubs, or anything else, you can count on us to make it happen. You simply are not going to find premium landscape installation services like ours, elsewhere. And so, you know we are the best team to call every time.

Outdoor Hardscape

In addition to our regular landscape solutions, we can also offer you some luxurious options in the way of custom hardscape design. A hardscape can give your backyard or garden so much more use and purpose. It will also give it those finishing details that make the difference. Whether it is a patio, walkway, pergolas, fire pit, or outdoor living area that you are looking for, you can do it through our hardscape services. Just speak to one of our hardscape designers and plan out what you want to achieve with yours.


Then, our team of specialists can begin your new hardscape installation. At Los Angeles Landscaping Pros, we care about bringing all our clients top quality in hardscaping. For us, no less than the finest levels will do. That is why you know you can always expect the most from us. So, if you want the best new installation from our hardscape contractors, give us a call and start telling us about your ideas, today.


The majority of our services are delivered to residential clients. However, we are always glad to help our Los Angeles businesses. Quality landscaping can improve any property and for us, that is the most important thing. So, if you have bold ideas about new commercial landscaping, we can assure you that we will be capable of creating them. We are a widely trusted commercial landscaping company, with a reputation that speaks for itself. Therefore, discuss your needs with us today. It won’t be long before you are delivered your gorgeous new commercial landscape.

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If you have been reading into any one of our services and feel that we might just have the landscaping solutions you have been looking for, tell us about it today. We are always glad to get to help another Los Angeles resident or worker, and we would for you too. So, don’t hesitate to seek out the best for your yard and give us a call now.

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“The guys at Los Angeles Landscaping Pros really are the best in town. I have been going to them for my backyard maintenance needs for countless years. They are always happy to help me out. It is reassuring to know you have such a dedicated crew looking out for you.”


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